Record of a Spaceborn Few, by Becky Chambers

🏆Top 5 Books of 2018: 5th Place🏆

The 3rd novel in the Wayfarer ‘series’ of companion novels, you could just pick this up on it’s own but it’s richer for having read the first 2 – The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, and A Closed and Common Orbit – also pictured.

Chambers writes in a way that’s easy and light to read, while conjuring such vivid images of her world – well, her universe – and packing a hefty emotional punch. These are Sci Fi that would appeal to those who don’t like Sci Fi – the amazing worldbuilding of the Galactic Commons is impressive, but it’s very much the backdrop for her characters to play on. Her characters are stunning, she can make you care about them in one page, and this is a very very character driven novel, though there is of course also plot.

This 3rd book follows a group of characters who are part of the Exodan Fleet – what remains of the humans who fled a dying Earth hundreds of years ago and stumbled into the technologically advanced, multi-species Galactic Commons. It’s slow paced and tender, and I cried twice.

If you do read this one first, I recommend hopping straight to 1: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and then ending with 2: A Closed and Common Orbit. Reading them in that order would probably give you a very enjoyable experience of following character arcs across the 3 separate stories, but I think Record would maybe be a bit slow of an opener if you weren’t already invested in the world. Regardless, it moved me and stayed with me, and I gave it 5 stars and 5th place 😊

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