The Very Beginning

So, here I am. Out in the big bad world of blogging, armed with nought but a few half-arsed book reviews (that I originally posted on my personal Facebook page), and a dream.

I am a Bookaholic. My to-read shelves are groaning, I have a Goodreads account and a reading target for the year, and I am dying to talk about my adventures in bookland.

This blog will not just be about books, but about all the things that are of interest to me, in the hope that others will find things here of interest to them – be it book reviews, life as a mature student, reviews of board games or tabletop RPGs I’ve played, or any of the myriad of random topics that may weasel their way in here as part of the adventure that is my existence on this giant rotating orb hurtling through space.

[Editor: Well done, that’s actually the longest run-on sentence you’ve ever written. I didn’t think you could beat your previous personal best, but there it is. It’s ridiculous, but I’ve got to admit, I’m kind of impressed.

Me: *takes a bow*]

I’d say fasten your seatbelts, but that’s really not necessary. Instead, get yourself your hot and delicious beverage of choice, and maybe settle into some kind of pillow fort with a few blankets and, ideally, a cat. It’s gonna be a cosy ride. 


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