About Me

I am an almost-30-year-old reader, writer, and student midwife. I live in the Shire with my son and partner. In addition to books, I am also fond of board games, tabletop RPGs, beer, music, cats and witchery.

I love talking about the things I am passionate about, and I love writing, so creating this blog seemed a natural next step for me. I’ll read anything from Literature-with-a-capital-L to sci-fi, fantasy, and poetry collections, and I set myself a reading target for how many books I’d like to get through each year. It keeps me motivated to pick up a book instead of endlessly binge-watching things on Netflix. In 2018 I fell short of my rather ambitious target of 52 books, finishing on 43. For 2019 I set myself a target of 30 books, and am already woefully behind.